Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My second professional romance novel, a paranormal contemporary called Jewel of the Naga, has been accepted for publication!  I haven't received final notification of a date, but based on past experience it should come out in summer 2016.

This is a bit of an ambivalent moment; on one hand, I'm very gratified and proud.  On the other… lots of work is associated with this: editing, re-editing, promotion.  I'm still promoting Her Heart's Liege, too!

Sometimes the time and emotions associated with promotion and other publication responsibilities make it challenging to compose new material.  However, I'm 16,000 words into a sequel to Jewel, so that's good progress in spite of the other commitments.  :-)

And there's always the tentatively-titled Path to Scotland, a second historical romance which is sitting at about 120,000 words and is not yet finished because I can't seem to decide if it should be two books or if it should expand into three….

I only wish I'd begun publishing professionally a decade or more ago.  :)  Better late than never, I guess!

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